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Review for April 14, 2011

USD Review 14-04-2011

USD againts Major Pair Review :

The USD Dollar weakened againts almost all major pairs except  the GBP that traded in a ranging situation againts the USD. Againts the EUR, CHF and the YEN, the USD is still in a downside situation.

USD Againts Commdoll :

Againts the Commodity Dollar Pair, the USD still looks weak as well, event againts the CAD and the AUD, the USD strengthened slightly, but the bearish pressure for the USD is still in advance.

Conclusion :

Because the USD still has a bearish pressure in almost all Major Pair and the Commodity Dollar, we predict for today that the USD will be still in a downtrend situation againts all the major and the comdoll pair.

Performed by Arief Makmur, Analytical expert
InstaForex Companies Group © 2007-2011

EURO Review 14-04-2011

EURO Againts Major pair :

The Euro Pair  won againts the USD and the GBP pair, but againts the YEN and CHF pair, the Euro Dollar declined.

EURO Againts Commdoll :

Againts the AUD, it seems the Euro Pair traded in a ranging situaion (red: the Buyeers and Sellers its equal), the Euro got a temporary winning side before the pair came back  into the sideways range; However the Euro Pair is still a winner againts the Loonie, However againts the Kiwi, the Euro Pair is in a losing situation.

Conclusion :

Because againts the majors only two Euro Dollar wins and with the two other the Euro Pair loses, againts the Comdoll one pair is in a sideways movement, the other wins, and the rest lose, we predict based on all the facts that we've already mentioned above, the Euro Pair is now in the "Overbought" situation .

Performed by Arief Makmur, Analytical expert
InstaForex Companies Group © 2007-2011

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